Custom Turf showcased many of their product lines at the 14th annual Plantasia garden & landscape show in Western NY. But it was the large putting green that people will remember the most.

Spring is here, but so are the snow piles and cold weather. Plantasia for many is a way for people to start thinking about spring and get ideas for their gardens and backyards. Custom Turf has installed putting greens not only in peoples backyards, but also in basements, so people don’t need for the weather to break to practice putts.

The putting greens were not the only thing Custom Turf had on display, people could walk on and feel many of their other cuts of premium artificial grass. As well as take a look at their landscape and outdoor displays including a tiki hut. Custom Turf doesn’t only cater to golf enthusiasts, they also provide puppy pads, bocce ball courts, baseball mats and driving range mats from their online store at Custom Turf Outlet.

Passerbyes at Plantasia also got a peek at their custom cut logos with the Custom Turf synthetic grass logo. Custom Turf has the ability to turn any logo into a synthetic turf logo, great for entrances to building or on display anywhere that people can view.